Terms Of Use

1.1 Placement - represents a work experience within the organisation of the employer, presented on the Internet site of www.modularworkspace.com , not to be qualified as a (first) job after graduation or as a part-time job during study.

1.2 Company profile - a brief description of the profile (type of company, scope, activities, etc) of a certain employer. Filled in and posted on the Website by means of an electronic profile form.

1.3 Contactdata - name, address data and other contact data (such as phone number and e-mail address) of both candidates and employers.

1.4 CV - The curriculum vitae of a student that has been filled in and posted on the Website by means of an electronic CV form and/or possibly as attachment to the profile.

1.5 Electronic date exchange - Sending or receiving information and/or declarations by means of electronic communication such as e-mail, EDI (Electronic data Interchange) or interactive Internet pages.

1.6 Match - Formation of an agreement, on the basis of a student profile and/or CV and a placement or vacancy (possibly with a company profile) of an employer, between the concerning student and the concerning employer with respect to fulfilling the placement or vacancy by the concerning student. The way the agreement has been formed (orally, in writing or by means of electronically exchange) is therefore irrelevant.

1.7 Order - The order of an employer to Globalplacement to find a suitable candidate for a vacancy.

1.8 Student - Every natural person registered as a student on an international recognised institute who has submitted an application to the Website.

1.9 Student profile - A short description of the profile (name, address, education, experience, etc) of a certain student, that has been filled in and has been placed on the site by means of the electronic profile form on the Website.

1.10 Website - The Internet site www.modularworkspace.com and/or partner sites.

1.11Employer - Person or organisation that needs to find a student for a placement orĀ work experience within its own organisation or in case of intermediary, within the organisation of its constituent. Consults the CV/student

profile database and/or places a company profile as well as an accompanying placement on the Website; or the person or organisation which has a vacancy open within its own organisation, or, in case of an intermediary,

within the organisation of its constituent, for whom Modularworkspace has been ordered by the employer to find a suitable candidate.